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Training Classes

APNGA Training Classes are based on the criteria found in NUREG 1556 Volume 1, the Agreements States and the USDOT Requirements found in 49 CFR 172, Subpart H including General Awareness/Familiarization, Function Specific Training, Safety Training, Security Awareness & Driver Training. Both the Gauge Safety Certification Training and the USDOT HAZMAT Refresher Training include a test that requires a passing grade of 70%.

You can prepare for these classes by viewing the "Training Manual" and "Free Tutorials" on the APNGA website. Upon successful completion of a class (a non-passing score will allow you to repeat the class/test) you must give a copy of the certificate to your Radiation Safety Officer (RSO).  The RSO and Employee Annual Refresher classes, as well as the "Do It Yourself Annual Audit", do not require a test but will issue a certificate of completion. The RSO must sign the Gauge Safety Certification and U.S.D.O.T. Certificates.

Live classes:  If your situation requires, arrangements can be made to conduct a live class at your location (hint: work with other gauge owners in your area to offset costs).   Fees for live classes are higher.  Typical travel costs will be added.

Gauge Safety Certification Class (includes the U.S. D.O.T. HAZMAT class)

U.S. D.O.T. HAZMAT Class

RSO (Radiation Safety Officer) Class

Employee Annual Refresher

"Do It Yourself" Annual Audit

Training Class FAQ's

Gauge Safety Certification Class (includes the U.S. D.O.T. HAZMAT class)

The Gauge Safety Certification Class is fully accepted in most states.  A listing of these states can be found on the APNGA home page.

Upon successful completion of the class you should have the RSO:

  • give you a tour of your building emphasizing the storage area, security & documents
  • give you a copy of an review the Operating & Emergency Procedures
  • show you how to load and secure a gauge inside a vehicle
  • ride with you to the jobsite, emphasizing HAZMAT & security procedures
  • give you hands-on gauge training with the gauge in use at the company
  • familiarize you with your state's regulatory agency's website (see the "View My State" section)
  • familiarize you with the gauge manufacturer's website (see "Gauge Manufacturers" section)

Click here to take the Gauge Safety Certification training class and/or test

U.S. D.O.T. HAZMAT Class

The U.S. D.O.T. HAZMAT Refresher Class meets the criteria of CFR Title 49, Part 172, Sub-Part "H" (includes IATA requirements) and is eligible for use in every state. 

Click here to take the HAZMAT training class and/or test

RSO (Radiation Safety Officer) Class

The RSO Class is discretionary and therefore can be used in every state.  The class focuses on more in-depth materials and functions typically covered by the RSO.  New RSO's should take this class in conjuction with the Gauge Certificate Class. The material also serves as an excellent annual refresher for the current RSO. Check with your regulatory agency for any specific requirements for additional RSO training.

Click here to take the RSO training class and/or print your certificate

Employee Annual Refresher

A requirement of the annual audit is to review the operating and emergency procedures with authorized gauge users.  The RSO should do live, interactive reviews with the authorized gauge users.   

Click here to take the Employee Annual Refresher Class


"Do It Yourself" Annual Audit

The Annual Audit is a required function of the licensee and is in essence an internal inspection of how well the company is adhering to the requirements of the license and regulations.  This "Do It Yourself" audit will keep you well prepared for the eventual external regulatory agency inspection.  You must document your Annual Audit. A certificate of completion will be printed upon completion of the "Do It Yourself" Annual Audit.

Click here to take the "Do It Yourself" Annual Audit Tutorial

Training Class FAQ's

Q:  How much to the classes cost?

A:  Tuition for each class is listed on the apnga.com home page.  The multi-class option includes all classes at one price.  The group multi-class discount includes all classes for 5 individuals (less than $30 per person).

Codes are good for one year.

Completion of these tests will generate a certificate of completion.  Keep a copy of the certificate for your personal record.  If you change jobs but will still be working with gauges your new employer will need a copy of your certificate.  Your RSO is required to keep a training certificate for every gauge user.

Q:  How do I pay for a class?  How do I get a receipt?

A:  After payment an email will be issued that includes your receipt and your username and password for accessing the class/classes.

Q: After payment how soon must I take the class/classes?

A: Codes are good for one year.  Use some now and use the others as needed.

Q:  What forms of payment do you take?

A:  To keep costs low we accept most major credit cards, including VISA, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.  We also accept PayPal.  Government agencies and large companies can pre-arrage for company checks.  Currently, personal checks are not accepted.

Q:  Who must take the class/test?

A:  All gauge users must take the initial Gauge Safety Certification and U.S. D.O.T. HAZMAT tests.  The Gauge Safety Certification is good for life but all users must receive HAZMAT Refresher Training every 3 years.

Employess should receive an Annual Refresher.

The RSO course focuses on the more in-depth role of the RSO but can be taken by anyone.  It can also be taken as a RSO refresher course.

Q:  What is the purpose of the practice test?

A:  It gives you an indication of the test format and also gives you an idea if you're ready to take the real test. It also serves a s an excellent review. It can taken as often as desired.

Q:  What is the format of the official test?

A:  There are currently 30 multiple choice or true/false questions.  The APNGA test uses a random selection from a pool of questions to ensure that no two tests are the same.

Q:  How long does a class module/test take?

A:  The class is based on eight hours but the APNGA classes allow a pace that gives the individual the ability to learn at thier best pace.

Because the website material is accessible on any computer, the worker can take the materials home to study in the evening or on the weekend.

Q:  Can I take my test at home or by myself?

A:  No.  You can study and ask questions ("Ask A Question" section) at home but you must take a "closed book" test in the presence of the RSO.

Q:  What is the passing grade for the test?

A:  You must have a 70% passing grade.  Incorrect answers must be reviewed at the end of the test.

Q:  What if I fail the test?

A:  The APNGA testing program allows you to re-take the Gauge Safety Certification and U.S. D.O.T. HAZMAT tests.  You should first review the answers that were incorrect and re-study the materials.  Talk to your RSO to gain a better understanding of trouble areas.  Then you can re-take the test.

Q:  How do I receive my certificates?

A:  Upon successful completion of the test you will be emailed a certificate. Youu can also print a copy of the certificate on the "My Courses" page. The RSO must sign the Gauge Safety and U.S. D.O.T. HAZMAT certificates to make them valid.

Q:  Do I need to keep a copy of my certificate?

A:  You should keep a copy for your personal files.  If you change jobs you must give a photocopy to your new RSO.

Q:  After completing the class/test how soon can I operate a gauge?

A:  Once the RSO signs the certificate and authorizes you to do so, you can transport and operate a gauge.

Q:  How do I know these classes are approved by the regulatory agencies?

A:  The Gauge Safety Certification Class is fully accepted by most states.  A listing of states is provided on the APNGA home page.

The U.S. D.O.T. HAZMAT class is accepted in every state.  Your RSO monitors the material and your participation, including the quiz and then acknowledges your completion by signing the certificate. 

The RSO Class, Employee Annual Refresher Course and the "Do It Yourself" Annual Audit are discretionary and can be used in every state.  Always check with your state and the conditions of your license to meet any unique requirements. 

Q:  What if I lose my training certificate?  Do you provide copies?

A:  You can log back into a class and at the "My Courses" page you can click on the "+" symbol next to the class name to print the certificate. Please contact us if you experience a problem. gmarshall@apnga.com, 240-888-6426. Copies are free.

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