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Portable Nuclear Gauge Training Center 

Official On-Line Training for all Portable Nuclear Density Gauges, including InstroTek®, CPN®, Humboldt®, Seaman® and Troxler® Nuclear Gauges.

Accepted Everywhere, Every State - Click here to view the list.

Take a Class On Your Computer and Have Certificate in Hand Today
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Questions?? Call 240-888-6426 or email at gmarshall@apnga.com.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to enter a valid email address or your log-in information/directions/receipts will not be received. Thank you!

Online Nuclear Gauge Safety Class (Includes HAZMAT)
Price: $45.00
Annual Employee Refresher (Annual Audit Requirement)
Price: $10.00
Do-It-Yourself Annual Audit Class (Required Annually)
Price: $25.00
U.S. D.O.T. HAZMAT Refresher Class
Price: $35.00
Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) Course
Price: $45.00
Multi-Class Registration (One person receives all classes for $49.00 total)
Price: $49.00
Group Multi-Class Discount Pack (5 people receive all classes - that's less than $30 per person)
Price: $147.00

With your purchase you will receive a username and password that can be used to enroll any individual in the class - (you don't have to use it today - it's good for 1 year).

Save Money - The Multi-Class registration will enroll one individual in all 5 classes.

Take advantage of the Group Multi-Class Discount - (You get all 5 classes for 5 people - that's less than $30 per person and each person receives all of the classes).

NOTE!! If you have previously paid for a class click on the "Training Class" button on the upper right (next to the Shopping Cart") to Log-In and take the class.  

Usernames and passwords can be assigned to any individual (it doesn't have to be the purchaser) - and they are good for a year - Use some now and/or use some later. 

Once enrolled simply click on the "Training Classes" tab up top, select your class, log-in and follow the directions. 

APNGA has worked with your state to gain full acceptance of the Online/Internet Gauge Safety Certification Class and it fully meets the training requirements to become a gauge operator.  All APNGA classes integrate regulatory and training materials directly from the NRC, Agreement States and U.S. D.O.T. These classes are by far the most in-depth and affordable on the market today. 

The accessibility and flexibility of the internet class allows the viewer to spend as much time as needed to fully prepare for and comprehend the required Gauge Safety and U.S. D.O.T. classes and tests.  Companies keep their employees in-house and on the job, saving significant money on travel and training costs. 

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APNGA provides a website and association focused on continuing regulatory and industry education for moisture density portable nuclear gauge owners and operators. APNGA strives to offer the viewer the most in-depth and comprehensive coverage of regulations, issues, references and resources and is dedicated to covering just the material pertaining to moisture density gauges.
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