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Portable Nuclear Gauge Training Center

Official On-Line Training for all Portable Nuclear Density Gauges,
including InstroTek, CPN, Humboldt, Seaman and Troxler Nuclear Gauges.
Accepted Everywhere, Every State

American Portable Nuclear Gauge Association provides a website and association focused on portable nuclear gauge owners and operators. We strive to offer the most in-depth and comprehensive coverage of regulations, issues, references and resources to cover material pertaining to moisture density gauges.

Our Online/Internet Gauge Safety Certification Class fully meets the training requirements to become a gauge operator.  All APNGA classes integrate regulatory and training materials directly from the NRC, Agreement States and U.S. D.O.T., and are the most in-depth and affordable courses on the market today.


Taking a Course YOURSELF by Purchasing it Directly or Redeeming a Credit Code

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IMPORTANT NOTE:  Be sure to check your spam folder for your login link and initial account password.  You can change or reset your password at any time by clicking the course login button, then clicking the “I lost my password” link.

IMPORTANT NOTE 2: If you are given a MULTI-PACK code or a GROUP MULTI-PACK code by your RSO, use it to enroll in the $49 class option).  Group Multi-Pack Codes begin with the letters “GRP-” or “grp-“.

IMPORTANT NOTE 3: User ID and passcode combinations from our previous website will not work as login credentials on this website.  Use them as a voucher code on this website by entering them as a coupon code in the following format: olduserid-oldpasscode.  Codes issued prior to September 2020 will need to be replaced using the Legacy Code replacement form.

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RSO's and Purchasing Agents Purchasing Courses for SOMEONE ELSE

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Click the ``PURCHASE CREDITS for Employees`` button above (top of this web page) next to the gauge picture.
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DO NOT try to redeem your people's codes for them while you are logged into your own account. (SEE NOTE #3 BELOW).

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Voucher Codes for the GROUP Multi-Pack (5 courses for 5 people) will be a single code for 5 courses, valid for 5 uses.  Give this one code to each of the five people who will be enrolling in the five classes.

IMPORTANT NOTE 2: Your voucher code(s) will be at the bottom of the “Order Complete” email you receive.  Check your spam folder.  You may also find your code(s) by logging into your APNGA account (use the Course Login button) and clicking on the “Orders” button at the bottom of your profile page.

IMPORTANT NOTE 3:  DO NOT set up your people’s enrollments for them while you are logged into your own account.   EACH PERSON must have their own account.  If you attempt to redeem their code while you are logged into your own account, you will be overwriting YOUR profile information rather than creating THEIRS.  Each user must have their own account with their own email address, and you can not enroll them when logged in as yourself.  Be sure you are LOGGED OUT before trying to help them redeem their codes.

Optimize Your Productivity and Cost Effectiveness!

The accessibility and flexibility of our Internet classes allows the viewer to spend as much time as needed to fully prepare for and comprehend the required Gauge Safety and U.S. D.O.T. classes and tests.

Companies keep their employees in-house and on the job, saving significant money on travel and training costs.


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