Free Gauge Users Operations Classes

American Portable Nuclear Gauge Association

Use these guides to better understand basic gauge set-up, data input and operations as well as safety and security when using a gauge. You should also view the more in depth Gauge Basics which further covers operations and methodologies when using a gauge to determine density and moisture content of soils and density of asphalt.


Gauge Operations Photo Guide

This guide walks you through a series of photos that illustrate the different parts of a gauge, cleaning and leak testing a gauge, and the use of the gauge at the worksite.

Click here to view the gauge operations photo guide


Gauge User “Daily Step-by-Step” Guide

This unique guide restructures the gauge safety training topics, procedures and documents to match the gauge users typical day, from checking the gauge out of storage, transporting the gauge, using the gauge at the worksite, and finally returning the gauge to storage.

Click here to view the gauge user “Daily Step-by-Step” guide


Shipping “How To” Guide

This “How To” helps guide you through the process of preparing a gauge for transport to the worksite or for shipping by a third party.

Click here to view the shipping “How To” guide