REDEEM Credit Voucher: Multi-Class Registration (Enrollment)


STOP!This page is ONLY for redeeming a PRE-PURCHASED credit voucher code for a course enrollment.

APNGA no longer sells the course Multi-Packs, but if you have a valid credit voucher code for a course multi-pack, you can redeem it by adding this item to your shopping cart and following the instructions for redeeming your credit code.

If you are looking to purchase the courses but do not have a credit voucher code, CLICK HERE instead.


By adding this to your shopping cart and applying your credit voucher code, YOU will personally be enrolling in all five courses FOR YOURSELF.

In other words, with THIS class Multi-Pack enrollment, YOU will PERSONALLY take the classes YOURSELF and getting issued all five certificates in YOUR NAME. If you plan to complete the courses YOURSELF, click the “Add to Cart” button below and check out.  If your company RSO or purchasing agent gave you a course voucher code to take these classes, add this Multi-Pack to your cart and apply the class voucher credit as a coupon code at checkout.

PLEASE NOTE: Course credit vouchers expire 6 months after they are purchased.  After 6 months, the courses, course data, and tests will no longer be accessible.