U.S. D.O.T. HAZMAT Refresher Course (Credit)


This is NOT a course enrollment. This is a CREDIT towards course enrollment.

In other words, purchasing this item will provide you with a voucher credit code to be redeemed towards a course enrollment, so RSO’s and Purchasing Agents can purchase credits for one or more gauge workers. However (to keep things simple), for smaller operations which do not require “bulk purchases” of multiple courses, we recommend that RSOs or Purchasing Agents have their employees enroll directly in their own courses.

By adding this item to your cart and checking out, you will receive your voucher codes on the order confirmation screen and via email. You will also be able to see all of your credit vouchers by logging into your own APNGA account and clicking on the “Orders” tab on your APNGA Profile page.


RSO’s and Purchasing Agents:  If you purchase these course credit vouchers for your technicians/operators, DO NOT enroll your people while you are logged into YOUR account.  If you try to, you will end up replacing YOUR account name and profile information with THEIR information.   Either (1) give your people their codes to redeem them THEMSELVES, or (2) LOG OUT of your account and set up their accounts individually using THEIR name and email address to enroll them in their own account.  Every course attendee must have their own login account to enroll in their own Atom Symbolcourses.  You can easily log in/log out of your account using the “atom” icon in the bottom right corner of the site.  The green check mark lets you log in, the red “X” logs you out.  If multiple people are using the same computer to enroll, from one person to the next, be sure the account is LOGGED OUT so the next person is not enrolling via the previous person’s account (and overwriting their profile information).

If you are looking to DIRECTLY ENROLL in this course YOURSELF (instead of purchasing course credits for someone else), visit the course page instead. If your RSO or purchasing agent gave you a voucher credit code to redeem, you can redeem the course voucher credit on the course page by applying it as a “coupon code” after adding the course to your shopping cart.