REDEEM Credit Voucher: U.S. D.O.T. HAZMAT Refresher Course



This page is ONLY for redeeming a PRE-PURCHASED credit voucher code for a course enrollment.

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By adding this to your shopping cart and applying your credit voucher code, YOU will personally be redeeming a credit voucher and enrolling in the US DOT HAZMAT Refresher Course FOR YOURSELF.

In other words, with THIS class enrollment, YOU will PERSONALLY take the class YOURSELF and receive a certificate issued in YOUR NAME.  If you plan to complete the course YOURSELF and are redeeming a pre-purchased credit voucher, click the “Add to Cart” button below and check out following the step-by-step instruction for enrolling in courses via a credit voucher by applying the class voucher credit as a coupon code at checkout.

PLEASE NOTE: Course credit vouchers expire 6 months after they are purchased.  After 6 months, the courses, course data, and tests will no longer be accessible.