1. If you are RE-ENROLLING in a course to retake it as a refresher: Be sure you have downloaded and printed your certificate from your previous enrollment BEFORE completing this purchase.  Once you complete the purchase of a course that you have already earned a certificate in, your previous course progress AND certificate will be PERMANENTLY DELETED.  MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A COPY.
  2. RSO’s and PURCHASING AGENTS:  Be ABSOLUTELY SURE you are logged OUT of any other user’s APNGA account before completing this purchase.  If you are logged into an APNGA account (including your own) and are purchasing a course that the user of that account is already enrolled in, that user’s course progress and certificate for the course will be permanently and irreversibly deletedPurchasing CREDIT CODES through your own account will NOT adversely impact your own course progress for courses that you are enrolled in.  But re-enrolling in currently-enrolled COURSES will overwrite the course progress (for those courses) in whatever account you are logged into.  If you delete someone’s course progress, the individual will need to retake the course from the beginning.  (That will be frustrating and expensive).  So be sure to follow the instructions.  If you aren’t sure…  ASK before you make a mistake.  The best practice is to give the course credit code and the step-by-step instruction document to your gauge operators and have them enroll themselves.

HELLO .   If this purchase is for YOUR order, be sure to complete this transaction with YOUR profile information, including YOUR name, and with YOUR email address .  If you are enrolling someone else in a course or redeeming a code for them, be sure that YOU are LOGGED OUT first, and then complete the form using only THEIR name and email information, instead.

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