Illinois Emergency Management Agency

American Portable Nuclear Gauge Association

Illinois Emergency Management Agency
Division of Nuclear Safety
1035 Outer Park Drive
Springfield, IL 62704
PH (217)785-9868 FX (217)524-4724

Regulatory Website:

Formal Agreement:  06/01/1987

Emergency Numbers: 217-785-9900

Call local law enforcement or fire department

An Illinois Reminder: Always make sure your gauges are under constant surveillance at jobsites and double secured at temporary storage sites using the two lock rule. The two lock rule states that the case/gauge must have two independent locked deterrents. That means two locked chains, cables or barriers that a prospective thief must defeat before they can walk away with your gauge. Although you should always have the gauge handle locked when the gauge is not in use it does not count as one of the two deterrents. Likewise, the lock on the gauge case should also always be in place but it also does not necessarily count as one of the deterrents. If you can defeat one lock and walk away with the case or gauge you have not met the requirements of the two lock rule. Proper surveillance and security will go a long way in reducing the number of gauge thefts or gauge damage.